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The 20 greatest home computers – ranked!

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September 07, 2020 at 09:00AM

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They seemed like the future … and here we are. We remember the key PC machines that inspired a generation of gamers and programmers

Manufactured by Swansea-based Dragon Data (an offshoot of traditional toy company, Mettoy), this 32k machine featured an advanced Motorola MC6809E central processor, decent keyboard and excellent analogue joypads. However, its eccentric graphics hardware gave every game a garish green tinge, and its most iconic gaming character was a bespectacled schoolboy named Cuthbert. Admittedly, I put the Dragon on the list instead of another great Swansea-made machine, the Sam Coupe, because I designed two hit games for the system: Impossiball and Utopia. Despite this, Dragon Data went bust in 1984.

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The 20 greatest home computers – ranked! …

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