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Genesis Noir review – an astonishing cosmic thriller

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April 03, 2021 at 01:00PM

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Feral Cat Den; Fellow Traveller; Switch, PC, Xbox One
The big bang meets the whodunnit in this dazzlingly inventive point-and-click adventure spanning time and space

According to theologians, philosophers and, seemingly, the makers of Genesis Noir, the ultimate whodunnit (and its subordinate mystery: howdunnit) is the origin of our universe. The game’s title says it all: here is the story of the world’s beginnings as told in the mode of a detective thriller, and the style of a Saul Bass animation, all spartan lines and quick cuts.

There is a fleeting glimpse of an apple tree, a serpent and a divine watchmaker, but the primary allegory is that of a murder mystery: a jazz singer shot by a jealous saxophonist. Playing a trilby’d gumshoe, you arrive on the scene at the moment the killer pulls the trigger – the big bang, as it were. Frozen in time, you must piece together identity and motive via a series of dreamlike sequences that whisk you from the depths of the primordial sea and outwards through human history.

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Genesis Noir review – an astonishing cosmic thriller …

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