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Oxford Welfare Facebook Group

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Hi Softeng peers  🐯🌾🥛

Message from the Welfare Officer: [There are a lot of] Facebook welfare groups & campaign pages that may be of interest to you. I’ve made a list here of a bunch of them (but it’s still not an exhaustive list…!). Many of the campaigns host and share events regularly, so they’re definitely worth checking out. Also, the MCR hasn’t filled the role of Welfare Officer this year, so keep that in mind if you’d like to run when elections come around! 🌟

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Also, I just thought I’d mention that there is quite a bit of support around the university & college, including peer supporters like me 🙋. Basically, we’re here to chat about anything you’d like, our conversations are confidential, and we can always refer you to other people/resources if you’d like. Feel free to be in touch:, or you can always just reach out to me personally. If you want to read more about peer support, look here:

Anyway, here are the groups…! 🎉 (link for this page )

🌼 Oxford Students’ Disability Community (OSDC):

Autonomous Standing Desk

OSDC also has several Facebook support groups for different conditions:

🌸 Depression & Anxiety (closed, not secret):

🌺 Specific learning disabilities (closed, not secret)

🌱 The following groups are secret so only members can see who is in the group. To be added to the group, please message
Bipolar Disorder; Eating Disorders; ADHD; OCD; personality disorders; PTSD; Psychosis; Gynaecological Conditions.

🌻 There is a secret group for Autistic Students, contact Laura Cooper ( to be added.

🌿 There is a secret ME/CFS Support group. To be added please contact Brooke Skulls ( or Sophie Thomas (

🌵 Oxford SU OSDC (page):…

📚 Oxford Student Union:

🌈 Oxford University LGBTQ Society:

🍭 Oxford SU LBGTQ Campaign:

🔥 Oxford SU Women’s Campaign:

 Oxford SU CRAE- Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality:…

🦋 Oxford SU Class Act Campaign: