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A solution for travelling freelancers and students who have used up their challenging bank card limits (e.g. an alternative to Monzo when you use up the £200* free cash withdrawal abroad). The easyfx card has much more generous limits and charges NO transaction fees but a small mark-up FX spread (FXS) to cover the cost. Our site offers to reduce the FXS to 1.8%. All you need to do is using any links on this website to go to easyfx and spend 30 seconds to register.

*in a 30-day window, then there’s a 3% fee on top of that to cover Monzo’s costs. Transferwise and Revolut etc have the same free withdrawal limit.

IK Multimedia's T-RackS 5 is operated by VFX Financial PLC. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution No. 900530

Get a Free Personal Card

Holiday money, online shopping in euros(€), dollars($) and more, international personal and family members’ spending on one account.

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Get a Free Corporate Card

Business trip abroad, imports, cross-border payments and expenses. Seperate ledgers for multiple cards. Monthly statements for Xero.

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About EasyFX account

Get additional cards

Give additional cards to family members or colleagues using the same account. Only £6 each.

Zero fees

Enjoy making purchases, withdrawing cash and making transfers, all with no international fees. *

*domestic withdraw is £1.50 (or equivalent), as we are an FX service not a bank account service. There is an FX mark up in line with Mastercard, which is 1.8%.

Top up and go

Top up your account with several currencies at the same time, and use it at over 35 million locations.

Fee List

£ or equivalentPersonalCorporate
ATM (domestic)1.51.5
ATM (international)Free1.5
POS (domestic)0.40.4
POS (international)FreeFree

Limit List

Maximum spend in one day £4,000.00
Maximum number of card spends per day £8.00
Maximum purchase amount per year £12,000.00
Maximum ATM daily amount £800.00
Maximum individual ATM withdrawal £400.00
Maximum ATM withdrawals per day 2
Maximum ATM per year £12,000.00
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Our Services

Manage your funds

Use our simple app to manage your balance and view transactions, 24/7, from any device.

Access to dealing room

We work with Brokers with decades of experience of the market. Once you upgrade to a “Pro” account, you can start receive FX market newletters and have access to the FX dealing room.*

*charts are for indicative purpose only.

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