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Women in FinTech Initiative

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Women in FinTech Initiative

Promoting diversity and inclusion are priorities for Innovate Finance and we are excited to be launching a new range of Women in FinTech initiatives in 2018/19 to extend beyond the successful Powerlist that already celebrates the achievements and talent of women across the FinTech ecosystem.

That’s why we have spent time talking and listening to the women in our industry – ranging from founders, investors, investment banks, start-ups and technology firms. We all feel the same: the more we talk about the issues that affect women in FinTech and raise awareness, the easier it becomes to instigate real change.

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While we are kick-starting our diversity initiative with Women in FinTech, we intend to broaden this out in due course.

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Learn, Listen, Discuss and Do….

There is a clear, pragmatic business case for firms to have a diverse workforce, but we recognise that there are both challenges and opportunities for women wanting to work in FinTech, or indeed those already in place.

With this in mind, we have created a programme of regular events that will include a mix of learning opportunities and community building, working in partnership with our members and others. We would also be delighted to work with our members as partners in curating ad-hoc events around a specific theme. We are also busy preparing for our flagship IFGS event in April 2019 and diversity will be firmly on the agenda so we are actively seeking partners to be part of this.

Our key themes for this year:

  • Talent – how do we foster a community that recruits and functions more diversely?
  • Capitalhow can a greater number of women founders attract smart capital?

We have designed our events and workshops to hopefully attract a wide audience of women: those starting off in their career, those coming back after a break/change of direction and the influential senior ladies at the top of their game. We want them to share experiences and learn from one another.

It is important to us that our events attract a full community of  participants, so both men and women can interact and gain a better understanding of their respective experiences in the workplace. We also want to celebrate the male champions who have made a real effort to get women more involved in FinTech.

Our new Women in FinTech series will kick off in October 2018.

Our Events and Initiatives

Power Hours

A quarterly series of moderated breakfast events that will bring a group of 30-50 FinTech women within the ecosystem to meet, greet and hear stories from inspiring speakers (from inside or outside FinTech).


Quarterly recorded panel sessions to discuss key themes that women face in FinTech. The first webinar will kick off in October with Funding the Founders, you can register for this below. Future webinars will tackle portfolio careers and ensuring the future viability of the sector by attracting the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Monthly sessions run by partners to equip women with the skills they need to succeed in their careers and raise awareness among the FinTech community of the advantages of a diverse workforce. To kick off, we will be running two workshop streams:

  • Hiring and talent: with the aim being to equip participants with the necessary skills to hire smart (job descriptions, role scoping, interview success, diversity matters, data-enhanced hiring). The 60-minute sessions will run over a breakfast/lunchtime to allow people to get out of the office to attend. These will be run by Equality Group’s Hephzi Pemberton.
  • Executive Shine – using a combination of comedy and theatrical techniques to build confidence in the workplace and polish presentation impact. The 3 hour sessions will run in the evening and will include elements of building inner confidence through improvisation, storytelling and using humour as a powerful and effective form of communication and leadership. These will be run by Streets Consulting.

Women in FinTech Powerlist 

  • Celebrating women in the sector
  • Providing a list for role models for women to aspire to
  • Highlighting the trendsetters and doers who are making a real difference in the FinTech ecosystem,

Women in FinTech Survey 

Conducted with a partner in 2019 to take a pulse on the issues facing women within the ecosystem and map out the demographics in the workplace.

IFGS 2019

Innovate Finance’s Global Summit, now in its 5th year, will take place in the historic Guildhall on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th April. We expect over 2,000 attendees, 300 FinTech companies and 200+ speakers. Diversity will feature within all the main stages/tracks, but we are also hoping to partner with a few key sponsors to create a Diversity “zone” in the Great Hall, with speed-dating mentoring and live podcast sessions broadcast directly from the event. We are very open to new and different ideas!

Coming Up…

Power Hour

Women in FinTech Power Hour: With Jeni Mundy, Regional Managing Director, Visa UK & Ireland

Location: London

Date: 27th March 2019

Time: 09:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Save the date for the second instalment in our Women in FinTech Power Hour series: with Jeni Mundy, Regional Managing Director, Visa UK & Ireland. Our Women in FinTech Power Hour is our quarterly moderated breakfast event bringing a group of 30-50 FinTech women within the ecosystem to meet, greet and hear stories from inspiring speakers.


Innovate Finance Opens Submissions For Women in FinTech Powerlist

  • The 2018 Women in FinTech Powerlist is now open for submissions
  • The new Powerlist will shine a spotlight on 150 women across 7 categories
  • Introduction of an independent judging panel to choose the ‘Standout 35’: women who have who have made a real impact over and above their day-to-day role in the FinTech ecosystem November 14th 2018, London, UK: Innovate Finance, the UK membership organisation that represents global FinTech, today announced the opening for submissions to its Women FinTech Powerlist 2018.

Innovate Finance’s Women in FinTech Powerlist is now 5 years old and was designed to celebrate the achievements and talent of women across the FinTech ecosystem and showcase its role models.

The FinTech space has grown significantly since the launch of the Powerlist in 2015, yet structural issues remain. According to a recent Tech Nation Report (2018), only 19% of the digital tech workforce is female, compared to 49% across all UK jobs. This number is slightly better in FinTech with the EY and Innovate Finance UK FinTech Census* (2017) indicating women represent just 29% of staff in the FinTech space.

Innovate Finance remains committed to highlighting the crucial role that women play in the innovation and evolution of financial services. The 2018 list will shine a spotlight on 150 women across 7 categories who have made a real impact over and above their day-to-day role within the FinTech space.

The categories for the Powerlist are:

  •  Senior Leaders (CEOs, CFOs, Founders and Executive Team Members)
  • Rising Stars (Returnees, Young Professionals and FinTech Newbies)
  • Investors (VCs, Angel Investors and Accelerators)
  • Professional Services and Consultants (HR & Recruitment Specialists, Legal and Accountancy)
  • Technology Professionals (IT Specialists, Developers and Engineers)
  • Marketers and Communicators (In-house PRs, Media, Communication and Marketing Specialists)
  • Policy Makers and Regulatory Experts (Government, Regulators, Policy Advisors and Compliance Professionals) We will also call upon a panel of independent judges to choose the Standout 35: women who have made a significant difference across FinTech’s many facets.

The launch of the Powerlist application process is part of Innovate Finance’s Diversity Programme, launched in October with a wide range of Women in FinTech initiatives for 2018/19.

Charlotte Crosswell, CEO of Innovate Finance said:

“Promoting diversity and inclusion are priorities for Innovate Finance and we are delighted to open submissions to our revamped Powerlist 2018. The FinTech space has grown significantly since our first Powerlist was published five years ago, but it is still essential to highlight the crucial role that women play in the innovation and evolution of financial services. We are confident that it will provide some exceptional role-models to inspire a new generation of women considering a career in FinTech in the years to come.”

The Powerlist will be published in early Spring 2019.


Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance is an independent membership association that represents the UK’s global FinTech community. Founded in 2014 and supported by the City of London and Broadgate, Innovate Finance is a not-for-profit that advances the country’s leading position in the financial services sector by supporting the next generation of technology-led financial services innovators.

More than 250 global members have joined the Innovate Finance ecosystem to date. These companies range from seed stage startups to global financial institutions and professional services firms. All benefit from Innovate Finance’s leading position as a single point of access to promote enabling policy and regulation, talent development, and business opportunity and investment capital.

By bringing together the most forward-thinking participants in financial services, Innovate Finance is helping create a global financial services sector that is more sustainable, more inclusive and better for everyone.


Women in FinTech: Building a Portfolio Career

Date: Thursday 6th December 2018
Time: 2pm – 3pm

With complex working patterns and demands for flexible working options dominating workplace patterns in the early 21st century, how can women in FinTech take the first step to build their own portfolio careers? This webinar hears from leading women in the FinTech space who will share details on their unique career journeys and how women can embrace diverse career trajectories. We welcome all our community to listen in.

Innovate Finance Webinar Series: The Innovation Conversation